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About My Nutrition Services

General Nutrition & Wellness Coaching 
My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching will provide you with the skills to start, live & maintain a nutritious & balanced lifestyle.
There are so many different ways to handle your nutrition. For examples, some individuals work better with practicing intuitive eating, while some benefit from counting their calories and tracking their nutrients via fitness apps.  All have pros and cons, and it is my role as an RD to help you find which tactic works best for you!
Throughout these sessions, we will be able to do things like:
1. Establish your estimated needs
2. Breakdown your macronutrients
3. Look at your current dietary habits and create SMART goals & plans that will initiate positive changes in your life
4. Provide you with nutritional knowledge that you can take with you and use in your every day life.  
5. Create meal plans and recipes to help you meet your estimated needs + so much more!


Powders and Grains

The most important part about nutrition coaching is the communication. As your RD, we are able to have consistent communication to help you maintain on your track.  Once we get started, I will send you forms to complete which is allow me to get to know you better, obtain your medical history, food preferences, allergies or intolerances, etc. However, once we get started, we will be direct & consistent  conversation to ensure you stay on your wellness journey   

Food Allergy Management
Food Allergies and intolerances could be the most difficult topic to cover in the world of nutrition. There are so many different factors that go into food allergies, from genetics, environmental, mental and/or age that individuals need to be as detailed as possible when diagnosed.  We will work together in finding the food you can and/or cannot consume, read nutrition labels, create cheat sheets, meal plan and go on a "supermarket tour" to work towards you living a stress-free nutritious lifestyle.  If you suffer from one of the top 8 allergens (milk, fish, wheat, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, egg, soy), we can spend the time finding recipes, meals, replacement foods, to help you on a daily basis. 

Athletic & Artistic Movement Nutrition 
Whether you are an athlete or artist, you still require the proper nutrition to support your training, performance & recovery.  These sessions will be dedicated to educating you on these different aspects.  For example, are you aware that certain foods and better to consume before or after workouts? Little changes in your nutrition can make huge changes in your performance. 

Weight Management 
Weight management has been a popular topic for an extremely long time and there are so many interventions and therapies can be implemented to make an effective weight change occur.  In my experience, it is creating habits and creating consistency in your every day nutrition practice that allows the majors breakthroughs to happen.  Same as the 1:1 nutrition coaching, we will have communication via chats, emails or virtual sessions to make sure you are not alone in this journey! Whether it is weight loss or weight gain, we will come up with a strategy and plan so you can reach your goal. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy 
Nutrition science has provided us with tons & tons of research in various nutrition-related topics.  If you have Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory diseases, hypertension or any other disease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is truly important in either overcoming or maintaining it. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can implemented to help control symptoms, side effects or intensity/progresion of the disease. As the disease, illness, cancer may be CURED, it is the proper nutrition that can support the individual to continue their lifestyle as best as they can.  By us working together! We will be able to find nutrition interventions that could be helpful to start implementing into your every day life! 

Meal Planning (+Shopping List) + Supermarket Tours 
It is really one the most requested topic to a Dietitian. Meal planning is a very detailed process, a true meal plan is combination of your preferences with new and/or healthier options to get you on your nutritional journey.  Depending on your needs as a client, determines the minute details of a meal plan.  Meal plans can be based on your medical nutrition needs, your macronutrients & energy needs, your food allergies and/or your training & performance needs! Supermarket tours is a great way for you to learn about the new or current food products in the supermarket. Your nutrition starts in the grocery store (or from your garden!) and learning how to navigate through the supermarket is something we can do in one of our sessions. As I started earlier, it is my goal to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to use outside the world! 

Preserved Vegetables
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